Viniyoga with Catherine

Starting Sunday May 26th!


10 am to 11 am 

Viniyoga is based on the guru/student model in which an experienced teacher works individually with each student. Teachers create a personalized yoga program for students based on factors like health, age, and physical condition. Viniyoga also takes into account any past or current injuries or illnesses.

When you attend your average group yoga class, there tends to be a one-size-fits-all approach. You are expected to make your body fit the poses even though the poses don't always fit your body.

Catherine may ask if there are any injuries, but no in-depth attempt is made to know more about your personal physical condition. Two students could have, for instance, back pain for entirely different reasons. A Viniyoga teacher would offer each student different modifications tailored to the root cause of their problem.

Viniyoga is intended to be adaptable to any person, regardless of physical ability. Due to this, Viniyoga teachers must be highly trained and tend to be experts on anatomy and yoga therapy.

Single drop in for $15

4 classes for $48

8 for $92


Do I need to bring my own yoga mat?


Can anybody do viniyoga?

Yes! All bodies can!