with Cam Tu

Fridays at 8 PM


Seattle Dance Experience

What is the Salsa Class?

The salsa class is a 1 hour weekly training to help you learn how to dance salsa. We will be focusing on learning the fundamentals of the dance including body movement, partner connection, timing, and fun patterns. 

What level should I be?

Although the class is designed with beginners in mind, it is perfect for all levels to clean up technique and review the foundation of salsa.


The price is only $15 for one hour for a single person. $30 for partners.

Do I need to bring a dance partner?

You don’t need to bring a dance partner since we will be rotating in class. Couples are welcomed to stay together if they choose not to rotate. 

What shoes should I wear?

If it’s your first time, wear any shoes you are comfortable in. Dance appropriate shoes are encouraged.


About the Instructors

Cam Tu Nguyen grew up in Tacoma and has been involved in dance projects as a performer and choreographer her whole life. She started out with Vietnamese cultural dances and ballroom dancing later on. Cam Tu currently teaches at Salsa N' Seattle dance studio and also direct salsa and bachata dance teams to inspire new dancers. She is known for her community-building style and hope to give back to her hometown through her love for dance.  

Cam Tu is excited to share their passion for latin dancing to the Tacoma dance scene.