Circle Up Productions Presents:

Let’s Make a Circus! Summer Day Camp

July 29 - Aug 17

RINGS I AND II (2 Workshops)

Each RING (workshop) will be led by professional clown and actor Michelle N. Matlock. Michelle has most recently been traveling the globe playing the “Ladybug”, a clown character that she created for Cirque du Soleil’s touring big top show OVO. She has also had the pleasure of teaching and performing 5 years with New York city’s Big Apple Circus, 8 seasons with NYC’s Circus Amok, several projects with the famous Bindlestiff Family Circus and many years teaching after school programs for New York State public and charter schools . She is thrilled to return to her hometown of Tacoma, WA and has founded Circle Up Productions to share her talents and skills with the residents of the city that shaped her.


Circus Skills for Beginners (10yrs-18yrs)

Mon-Thurs 9am-12pm


Have you ever thought about running away with the circus? This fun filled workshop will focus on games and exercises that teach your kiddos to juggle balls, scarfs, clubs, rings, pass clubs, spin plates,balance peacock feathers, manipulate devil sticks, diabolo (yoyo), spin ribbons, handstands, shaker cups, partner balancing, hula hoop, stilt walking, bubble blowing and an introduction into “Clownin Around”, which will include learning about the 3 types of clowns, style and smile and clown routines. Each participant will get 3 juggling balls to practice at home. (There will be no aerial skills included in this workshop). Each day will begin with a traditional “Circle Up” warm up that includes stretching our bodies, movement and group theater games. We will then focus in on learning the “Skill of the Day”, which will be any one of the skills listed above. The final hour will be a full on “Jam” with music, where the kids get to explore a variety of circus skills in rotation. Quite often the final hour is filled with opportunities for one on one teaching with Michelle.


Clownin Around for Beginners (10yrs-18yrs)

Mon-Thurs 1pm-4pm


How many clowns can we fit into a Prius? This workshop is an introduction to clowning and will focus on finding your child’s silly through physical comedy, slapstick, building clown characters and embracing mistakes. The kids will get to explore and learn about the 3 types of clowns, clown routines,comic timing, status, smile and style, improvisation, stage presence, gags and pie throwing. Music will be used to explore different kinds of movement and physical expression. There will also be an intro to “Circus Skills”, including juggling 3 balls, balancing objects on their noses and catching flying hats on their heads. Each participant will get their own clown nose and learn how to fit it to their own face.Each day will begin with a traditional “Circle Up” warm up that includes stretching our bodies, physical comedy exercises and playing theater games with the group. We will then focus on exploring the 3 types of clowns, comic timing and exercises in clown partnering. The final hour will be all about creating clown gags/routines and learning circus skills. Quite often in the final hour Michelle will share real props, costumes pieces and video clips of her past circus performances with the group.

Register for both RING I AND II for $300

On Friday August 17th there will be a combined RING I AND II workshop. It will start at 1pm and will include a Circus performance by the kids for invited family and friends starting at 5pm. Circus

Presentation will be Approx. 55 minutes


Are these sessions safe? Yes, at Circle Up Productions safety is a priority and all of our instructors are professionally trained and experts at their craft. There will be no aerial circus skills offered in these workshops, so all skills are on the ground. We have a short set of simple specific safety rules that will be explained to the groups and displayed in the space.

Will lunch be provided? If your child will attend both RING I and II there will be a 1-hour lunch between workshops. CUP does not provide meals but there is an additional fee for a prepared lunch from the restaurant below the studio. Contact Michelle for more info. Otherwise, parents are expected to provide a bag lunch, snacks and a water bottle each day. CUP will have filtered water available for bottle refill.

How many instructors are there? Michelle N. Matlock is the main instructor. If there will be a special guest circus performer or substitute instructor parents will be notified in advance.

Can parents stay and watch? We welcome parents to stay for the first 10 – 15 minutes of the workshop to help the children settle in for the day. After that, we find that it’s easier on both the children and the parents to let the instructor take over and do what they do best. At the end of the Summer Day Camp family and friends will be invited to attend a Circus Presentation presented by the kids to display all that they have learned throughout the workshop.

Is there a discount for having both/more of my children attend? CUP is happy to offer a 20% discount to siblings!

I can’t pick my child up right at the end of class, do you offer extended stay? We do not have staff available to supervise extended stay. Parents will be billed at the rate of $20/15 minutes for overage. If lateness becomes an ongoing issue, parents will be asked to make other arrangements for their child’s pick up.

Can I drop my child off early? Instructor will be on site 10 minutes prior to the start of each day. The doors will not open earlier than 10 minutes before class time. We strongly recommend NOT leaving your child outside the locked doors unattended.

What should I do if I know we are going to be late? Call or text Michelle at 646.541.2659 as soon as possible.

How do I register my child? Click here!

Refund Policy: Full refund if you cancel on or before July 22, 2019. No Refunds on or after July 23, 2019.


CUP is passionate about making circus arts programs available to all children regardless of financial circumstances. We have a limited amount of partial scholarships for those families with low incomes or other financial circumstances. Please email us at for more information.

Can I make a donation towards partial scholarships for those families with low incomes or other financial circumstances? Absolutely! Email to help.



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Michelle Matlock of CircleUP

Michelle Matlock of CircleUP

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